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03-19-2003, 09:35 AM

mul pole maxi vastu midagi, aga ma pole midagi nii igavat lugenud.

nad veel väidavad et discreet on arendanud maxi 10 aastat, alles se oli kinetix ja enne seda veel mingi muu firma.

ja väga oluline uus feature on mainitud:

Firstly, a new addition to this version of 3DS MAX is the flash driven splash screen; a feature never before seen in previous releases. Discreet has designed the splash screen to show screen tips while MAX is loading. It is very helpful to novice users and to those who are interested in knowing shortcuts for the commonly used features. It is compiled with 20 or so different interactive splash screens.

wow, minu teada seda pole teistel...veel

03-19-2003, 09:55 AM
A new curve editor has been merged into this release. It is a basic replacement of the old track view and time slider. This editor gives curve functional editing properties. You can virtually draw a curve on the editing window using your mouse to ease the method of animating. Along with that, Discreet included a Dope sheet that focuses on track editing and key management.

oh, max on ka lõpuks animatsiooni peale mõtlema hakanud.