1. Houdini Cellular Automata

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    I've translated Malcolm Kesson's Cellular Automata SL into a Houdini VOP RSL Network (no reason). You can find the original SL on his website:
    Main difference is that Houdini VOPs don't support Arrays so I used multiple connections and 8 texture calls instead of a for loop. Let me know if there is some better way of querying neigbours.
    Original shader cell size and count is dependant on micropolgyons and controlled by shading rate. I've set the shading rate to a very high value and the cell count is controlled by geometric subdivision instead. That meant I couldn't use random function for initialization so I replaced it with cellnoise shadeop.

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    OTL library contains digital assets:
    • cellular - Object type digital asset
    • bake3d - shadeop for pointcloud baking
    • texture3D - shadeop for pointcloud reading
    • cellnoise - rendermans cellnoise function
    • cellular_automata - VOP node version. Just a direct implementation of the code. Not used for anything.

    Cellular is Object Type Digital Asset that contains shaders, geometry and ROPs for 'out of the box' test.

    Have fun.

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