Real world sky dome

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Another WebGL experiment with Three.js Real world sky dome lighting and shading:
Not really finished (nothing ever is) but working features so far are:
  • Physically Based Atmosphere shader
  • Irradiance bake (using three.js IcosahedronGeometry for sampling directions)
  • Blurry reflections
  • Real world sun positioning with Google Maps
  • Cloud cover from Google Maps Weather Layer
  • ...

And things I'm hoping to add
  • Google Maps WebGL buildings (possible?)
  • Moon and accurate stars
  • Fog, Rain, Snow from Google Weather
  • Cloud animation from Google Weather wind direction
  • Cloud lighting
  • Proper irradiance sampling
  • Sun directional light hack needs proper sampling too
  • Upload source code somewhere useful but currently can be sourced from

  • Bug in Three.js. When normal maps in use, cube reflection map coordinates are wrong. World normals are replaced with view normals and thats incorrect.
  • Only works in Chrome for some reason

Libraries and source codes used:
Three.js, Atmosphere Shader, snoise, SunCalc, dat.gui, Google Maps, jQuery, Raphaël

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