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Thread: Why God created life at all?

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    Hey Louis.. You are the expert on this.. Explain me, why God created life at all? What is the point? I mean from his point of interest. Was he lonely or something?
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    Hi Artur,

    I would not be so bold or arrogant as to concider myself an expert on the plans and purposes of God. I can only share with you the knowledge i've gain and evidences i've come to trust.

    I don't know why God created the other beings in the universe (e.g. angels, etc.). Maybe since one of the foundations of His (note: i only use the male pronoun to communicate, not to specify a gender) government is giving. So it seems to follow on as a natural thing to create in order to give. And since we (male and female) were created in God's image, "the power to think and to do", we tend to do the same thing. Create little people so that we can give to, care for, and teach .

    As far as God being lonely, well that's never been the case. Only the things that God has created have a beging and/or end. God has always self-existed in the state of three beings with a singleness of purpose, sharing the power which we call "God". So closely united are these three in purpose, that it sometimes hard to tell who is doing what. This is why Jesus, speaking about God said, "My Father and I are ONE".

    I however, have come to understand that we and our little world was designed to answer the charges leveled against God concerning the way He runs the universe. Earth is a theater to whole universe. And we are all unavoidably caught up in this drama deciding which side of this controversy we will be found, either by choice or default.

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    Since expert is quite relative definition then at least compared to me, you`ve read The Book and therefore I can allocate you as an expert.

    But we create little people because of our instinct (programmed by God?). And principle of that instinct is to make sure that “our” species of our kind (family, nation etc) will spread, survive, and dominate. Without desire to multiply we wouldn`t be here. Other thing is that since human is mortal, children are the only way to continue our existence. So foundation of this universe is surviving. At least according to classical science where processes began to evolve by random combinations. That means at the beginning, sometimes two colliding particles bounced off each other and went their separate ways, sometimes they joined together and formed a larger "composite particle". These composite particles formed the first processes. They continued to move around and to collide, both with single particles and with other composites. The force of these collisions caused any weak composites to break apart, leaving only the stronger and more flexible ones. As time passed, more particles joined on and the composites, or processes, grew larger. But all the time, ongoing random collisions ensured that only the strong and flexible processes survived. And this “survival” foundation works not only on life forms but on stars and galaxies as well.
    I`m not saying that this is the way it started coz modern science, on the other hand, tells us that the Universe is not quite that simple (this is yet another interesting subject). But that`s not the point. What I`m trying to say is that`s why people create and multiply. Though this approach doesn`t fit with idea of existence of God.. unless there is other Gods or Lucifer wasn`t created by Gods knowledge…hmmm.. or was he? maybe He knew but accepted consequences in order to create stable universe as it is (with ability of free choice, formula of surviving etc.). Now it would be useful to know Gods derivation but since human isn`t capable of understanding “I`ve always existed”, subject will be always opened. But still, there is have to be something/someone who competing with God with potential of having power of all – omnipotence.

    And as far Earth is a theater to whole universe.. well isn`t that bit unfair to create mind and use it just to prove some point. It`s like I`ll get a child just to prove my innocence(?) Well I guess this answer fits into fundament of “survival” and world is bit unfair anyway.

    I rest my case

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